"The role of the Mikvah is that it takes man out of this world and
immerses him totally within the environment of Torah and the world to
come."  (Michtav MiEliyahu Vol. I: p. 261)
From modest beginnings of a basic single Mikvah, our community now boasts an active Mikvah system of 3 Mikvaos to serve the greater community. The recently modernized and refurbished Mathilda Goldflies Mikva complex, located on the Bruirah campus boasts 4 changing rooms, a Kalla/Jacuzzi room, 2 beautiful Mikvaos and a dedicated and sensitive team of attendants and volunteers who oversee the administration and function of our Mikvah. There is also a satellite Mikvah at the Elmora campus for Friday night and Yom Tov use.
In addition, our community boasts a state of the art Keilim Mikva at the Elmora campus. Always clean and ready to serve, the Keilim Mikva is accessible to community members 24 hours a day. 
For hours and contact infromation, visit http://www.thejec.org/mikva