Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, our dedicated Rav, works hand in hand with Rav Elazar Mayer Teitz, our Rav HaIr and the other Rabbonim in order to enhance Torah study, Avodas Hashem, Gemilas Chessed activity, and the general sense of community within our Shul.

Prior to assuming the role of Rabbi at Adath Israel, Rabbi Schwartz served as the Assistant Rabbi at the world renowned Fifth Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan. He has also served as Rabbinic Intern at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, Rosh Hakollel of Great Neck Synagogue’s summer Kollel Program, and coordinator of the Moshe Soshtain Beis HaMedrash in Woodmere. Always interested in spreading Torah, Rabbi Schwartz helped found the very popular weekly email “Internet Chaburah” and continues to maintain it today. He is also editor of Pesach Habatim: A Guide to RIETS Publications, author of numerous articles on Jewish and Judeo-psychological themes, and was general editor of the Shiurei Maran HaGrid Soloveitchik series of notes on the Talmudic lectures of Rabbi Soloveitchik as recorded by Rav Schwartz’s Rebbe, Rabbi Herschel Schachter Shlita.

Rabbi Schwartz received his B.A., M.A., and Psy.D. degrees from Yeshiva University. In addition, he received his semicha from RIETS. A graduate of three distinct divisions of the Yeshiva University system, Rabbi Schwartz tries to personify the YU motto of Torah U’Madda, of Torah scholarship and academic excellence. He tries to convey this ideal to all his students, be they congregants here at the Shul, attendees of his various classes and lectures in other communities, or at Stern College for Women, where Rabbi Schwartz served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology. A licensed psychologist, Rabbi Schwartz is the Clinical Director of the Center for Anxiety Relief in Union, NJ (www.njanxietyrelief.com). He has also served as a staff therapist at various critical community clinics, including the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Bronx VA Medical Center, Tikvah at Ohel, and Pesach Tikvah in Williamsburgh. He has written and published psychologically-oriented articles spanning the Jewish lifecycle and focused on anxiety and mood-related issues. A respected authority on Anxiety Disorders and OCD, Rabbi Schwartz has presented lectures and workshops on psychological and Judaic themes around the world.

Rabbi Schwartz’s greatest accomplishments and pride are in his family. He is married to our Rebbitzen Tammy, herself a Stern College and Columbia University alumna. They are the extremely proud parents of 5 wonderful children.