Dear Parents,
As we begin the new year of Shabbat morning youth groups in shul, we wanted to remind you of our guidelines, as well as make you aware of some changes for the upcoming year.
Youth Group Grades
Groups are available for the following grades:
  • Girls: Kindergarten – 5th
  • Boys: Kindergarten – 4th
  • Boys: 5th and up are expected to either be sitting in shul or attend the teen minyan.
The Kids Korner is available for parents and children under Kindergarten grade.
Note: This area is for children under Kindergarten grade, supervised by a parent. No older siblings please.
Unless your child is in the Parent/Child group, parents should not stay with their children while they are in groups. If you feel the need for an exception to this rule please discuss it directly with the Youth Directors.
Here’s What’s New:  Start and End Times of Youth Groups
  • The morning will begin with a Davening Program which will begin at 9:15am for all grades, Kindergarten through 5th. Groups will officially begin at 9:30am. Those children who choose to daven upstairs in the shul, should not come down to the youth wing until the start of groups at 9:30am.
  • Please be aware that the schedule of groups will be posted throughout the shul building.
  • Youth groups will end as Mussaf finishes (roughly 10:45am). Please be aware that our youth leaders will walk your child upstairs to shul at this point for the end of davening. All children are expected to stay with their parent and not go back downstairs unsupervised.
Note: During the weeks when davening starts at 8:30am, the youth groups schedule will shift 15 minutes earlier.
Youth Group Rules
Please remember that these rules are in place to keep your child safe while in our care.
  • Age-Appropriate: Children may attend only their age-appropriate group.
  • Davening: Children are expected to daven with their group.
  • Candy: Please do not bring any candy to the youth wing during groups. The Youth Department provides candy, which is given out as prizes and incentives.
  • Parent or Designated Guardian: Each child must have a parent or designated guardian in the shul building at all times in case of emergency.
  • Safety: The safety of all children is our utmost concern. As such, any inappropriate behavior, especially physical and emotional violence, will not be tolerated. If any such behavior is observed, the child will be removed from groups and taken to his/her parent, or designated guardian, for a break. If a second incident occurs that week or the following weeks, the child will be asked to leave groups and will not be allowed to return without a meeting between the parents and the Youth Committee.
  • Food Allergies or Other Medical Concerns: Please inform the Youth Directors if sending a child with food allergies or other medical concerns to youth groups.
  • Emergency Procedures: In the event of a fire or other emergency, all children will be evacuated by the Youth Department staff in an orderly manner through the appropriate emergency exit. They will be led across Stanton Ave to convene on the northeast corner of Stanton Ave and North Ave. The Youth Department staff will supervise the children at this location until they are picked up by a parent or a responsible adult.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing your children in groups!
Alyssa and Yoni Sheer                  Scott Susser                                  Shayna Pinsker
Youth Directors                              Chairman of the Board                  Youth Committee Chair